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Resin System

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Six standard resin systems are available to meet customer's requirement.

Resin Code Resin Type Corrosion resistance Flame Spread Applications
V-CF Vinly ester excellent Class 1 of 25 or less Highly corrosion environments ranging from acidic to caustic,plus a high degree of solvent resistance
V-CR Vinly ester excellent Class 1 of 10 or less Excellent acid and caustic resistance
I-IF Iso Very good Class 1 of 25 or less Moderate resistance to caustic and solvent environments
I-FF Iso Very good Class 2 of 30 or less Corrosive conditions commonly found in meat production,food processing,bottling and brewing
O-AF Ortho Good Class 1 of 25 or less Mildly corrosive environments
O-AN Ortho Good Non rated Similar resin system as Type AF,but not fire retardant.